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Case Study

Cancun Yacht Experience came to us with the goal of being seen in for various yachts and boats rental service keywords. They’ve never done SEO before. There were some coding issues that we had to resolve for them.

Also, the website was loading slowly because there were lots of images that weren’t optimised due to them being very large in file sizes.

The website homepage didn’t have a lot of relevant content. We worked with our in-house writers to put some content on the site, helped them clean up the images and added maps to make sure that the address was formatted correctly.

We also added to the social profiles. We implemented a blog with more relevant content about yacht and boat rentals,which linked back to the homepage. This was part of the on-page SEO strategy.

Within the first three months, there were particular challenges. There were a number of yacht and boat rental businesses that were already dominating page one. The fact the client had never done SEO before, we had to start from scratch.

There was a lot of catching up to do.


The main keyword being “Cancun yacht rentals” which was showing up for 210 monthly searches. This type of keyword (very high value keyword) for the client is worth anywhere from $1000-$20,000 per booking. As a result, we are already on page one for Cancun yacht rentals. The goal is to have them in the top 3 positions for all the keywords. It has been really promising and we hope to improve those results even more. The client has already seen a great return on investment (ROI).


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