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Cat face me We recently had the pleasure of working with which is an influencer, blog and online store in the beauty and lifestyle sector, which we are working with to increase their search engine rankings. The client had lots of different products at different sets of prices. But SEO was something that the Client had not done fully before. The client has a great-looking website and a good social media following. The client also had a lot of search phrases that were showing up in the top 100 search results.

But there wa hardly any search phrases showing up past page 3 and 4. The client wasn’t really getting as much traffic as they should have been getting.

Before we started working we analysed the website to come up with and present a suitable SEO strategy. This was also to identify, utilise and increase the rankings of all the different products that the client offers to their customer. The things that we looked into were the site’s ability to utilise and increase the rankings of all the different products that it offers to customers.

We looked into the site’s structure in certain categories and how we can categorise the parts better. We further looked at the search phrases that customers were searching for and the search phrases the website was ranking for.

We strategized on how we can categorise everything so we can make sure that when a customer is searching for a certain product, they land on the correct page. Not only are we looking to increase the visitors to the store, but also increase the conversion of those visitors as well. We were looking at some factors such as the blog, which the Client had been extremely active with. We discussed ways to improve the site by linking certain blog posts to the relevant product pages.

As part of the overall strategy on how to improve the online marketing for the website, one of the challenges we faced was the Client’s website URL structure had completely changed. The URLs showing up in google were showing the old version of the shop and not the new version of the shop, this was due to the fact that the client had changed shopping carts from woocommerce to shopify.

The old URLs were showing up in Google and indexed within Google so when the customers went to click on the links they were actually being taken to a page that no longer existed; so what we did initially is we went and looked at all the existing products.


What we did is we matched them up for a set with their pages so when the customers clicked on the link it now goes to the correct product pages. As a result, the client has seen an increase in sales and traffic.

We also fully optimised the Google Webmaster account by creating a sitemap which is basically a map for every single page on the website. We submitted that to Google so google will keep checking, google knows when the website is updated and will update all the relevant products within their search results as they are being published on the live website.

We are also in the process of setting up IFTTT system (if that then this) for the social networks which integrates with Twitter. Every time there’s a new product release we can syndicate the content to multiple blogs and platforms, simultaneously.


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