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SEO Services

Our SEO service is a long-term solution to get your site rank high through organic search results as opposed to pay per click advertising. We will be sending an overall information pack of how we will be able to provide you with pro-active SEO maintenance, advice and regular SEO campaign reports. Here, we will discuss the existing search engine compatibility issues of any kind of website in great detail.

We have a team of highly innovative professionals providing you with get instant results to rise in the highly competitive market within your niche. We will help you to increase your visibility in all the major search engines by improving keyword rankings and boosting your real time website traffic with lots of back links which are always done through White Hat techniques.

Our pre-designed SEO packages give you an idea of the action plan suitable for your business. We will customize our services according to your SEO requirements. Our project analyzing team will first examine your website and your competition’s market rankings. We, along with our clients, discuss and outline goals from time-to-time in order to stay on track.

Our comprehensive SEO strategies comprise of On-Page and Off-Page optimization. We also give importance to any suggestions regarding the content, layout formatting, navigation requirements and overall structuring of the website given by the client.
T-Total Marketing Services has satisfied various clients across the globe and we have been appreciated by utilizing our prompt website ranking strategies, instant yet successful results and unmatched determination to go beyond the client’s expectations.
Should you have any questions, please let us know. If you would like to proceed with consulting your website’s general requirements, you just need to choose the contact options that will be provided to you within this proposal. Most of your questions should be answered within this offer but don’t hesitate to find out more such as client testimonials and references.

To improve the search engine visibility of your website, we will look forward to hear from you when you’ve time after reading our proposal.

Web Design propose to create and maintain a dynamic, interactive website for the Your Website. We will be outlining a proposed website design and format suggestions to best suit your business.

Our developers will work with existing graphic material and text to create the website and will make recommendations on improving the graphic presentation. The website should mirror the look and feel of the current website, but have enhanced and modern feel to it. Website sections, design concepts, and site ‘flow’ will be addressed. All changes will be pre-approved before the new website becomes available online.

The objective of the new project office website is to be current and interactive while offering value-added service to Company Website by using information and communication technologies to improve connections in the community and throughout your industry target base.

Our developer’s proposed website solution would help the project office to:

  • Offer information on company’s products and services.
  • Promote organisational brand awareness and increase visibility.
  • Add service and remove service to the website

App Design

T-Total Marketing Services designs mobile apps that gets featured in app stores. We create highly polished Android and Iphone mobile apps for startups and enterprise clients. We also provide SEO Services and Website Development.

While it’s true that our mobile apps are in fact “mobile” and they are “apps”, they are much more than that. These special apps reach out beyond your phone to bring together the best content from around the internet to create a super-relevant niche network to connect you and help you target your clients.

A mobile app builds you a stronger brand, and its design is another factor to add to that.

One of the most important things a mobile app offers to consumers is awareness and communication with your brand. Through that regular interaction with your target market, you’re fostering trust.

The more your audience trusts you, the more likely they’ll listen to later sales messages and even commit to your brand. With an app, you’ll demonstrate to your users why they should trust you by showing (rather than telling) what your brand stands for.

In the same way as distributing fridge magnets, calendars, and other memorabilia with your company logo on it have served in the past both as advertisement and assistance, mobile apps strengthen your brand and educate your customers


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