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T-Total Marketing Services Team

All of our teams are highly trained individuals with over 10 years combined experience in the industry.

Our online support is on standby to help you with your needs. Just raise a ticket so one of our team members can assist you with your requirements.

We use state-of-the-art SEO tools to track, search, monitor, and report back the progress of our services.

All our service packages are underpinned with confidential agreements designed to safeguard your interest.

Leonard Tannor


I’m very interested in helping people and businesses to grow themselves and reach their potential, we the right support and tools I believe anyone is capable of reaching success.

I have in-depth knowledge in regard to social and broadcast media industry, I also have connections and partners I work with in the music industry, this allows us to connect people to better promote their work with the use of recent strategies and millennial marketing.

Afa Asefa

Business Optimization Specialist

Ambitious, eager to learn, passionate about excellence and encouraging growth in myself and others. There is no better feeling than when you complete a challenge.

I have a good understanding of broadcast media in the music industry I like to use my network connect people and promote their work. I believe it is important to stay at a A little millennial marketing and expanding already network established thanks to success events.


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