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Thibo David

Thibo David

Web & App Services

Case Study


Thibo David is a self – defense instructor, professional fighter, and a Strength, Conditioning and Mind Coach.

He wanted a site that will allow him to reach other target clients, especially in the corporate field, through mind conditioning activities, physical training, and athletic engagements. The client has an old site, and it needs to be overhauled.

The project started with needs assessment, on how the client wants his site to look and feel like. He also aspires of a wider reach and ranking through his content – vlogs, blogs, free video training, etc.

Wireframe and Mock Ups

The sample wireframe was sent to the client, as well as mock-ups of the pages in his site. One by one it was approved or provided feedback with, from the style, positioning, color hues, font, etc. The wireframe and mock ups were a joint effort from CSS graphic designer and outsourced web developers found in Fiverr, a service platform.

With this step, the time consumed to complete the project was lessened since the mock ups provided an impression to the client, thus the client will be able to visualize his site, and then decide how to proceed. There may be a back and forth communication, but it did not delay the process.


A site is nothing without its relevant content. Thibo David cooperated willingly in completing the content for his site. The client forwarded images, videos, and links to other references (Instagram, Flickr, YT channel) in order to have options on what will be put together in his site.

The text/articles were created internally, in the operations team. This step made the content completion more controllable, as compared to outsourcing support for this area. Within a reasonable turnaround time, the text was completed for the site.

Putting it all together

After all the needed content (images, videos, text) were in and submitted/complied, everything was then forwarded to the web developer for the site completion. The sending of information was together with a video explaining where should be put what. There was a detailed instruction for every action, which is just to ensure quality and reasonable turnaround of the project.

Shifting to live

After the site was completed, and the client approved it, the draft site is then shifted to live. Meaning, it is now seen in the active domain of the client instead of the old one.


The client now has an active website that was up to the modern day standards. His new site also allowed him to showcase his services better, gave justice to the quality of his skills in terms of display, promises more interaction for his current clients and prospect market, and more reach of his skills highlighted in his videos/vlogs.


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